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Upcycling with Patches!

15.04.22 04:03 PM By Alexia

How to Undo & Upcycle 

Everyone in the promo world love to flaunt their successes, their amazing products, the fine details, and 

all of the perfect giveaways that are sure to guarantee business and exposure. 

But there can be a few hiccups that come up along the way that no one seems to talk about...

Let's face it, in the industry of promotional products and marketing, mistakes will happen. 

As much as none of us want to face them, it's true...

Now picture this, a large order of t-shirts were manufactured and already prepped for shipping... 

When you take a final inspection you realize that your beautiful t-shirts were ALL embroidered wrong. 

Now what?! 

PANIC! (lol jk, don't do that)

You've corrected the issue and sent your client ALL NEW (correct) shirts... 

BUT a costly $$$ mistake was made and now you have boxes full of "unusable" shirts... 

How do we fix a costly mistake like this one?


Let's assess!

Problem: Shirts are embroidered incorrectly.

Solution: IDProductsource will help you determine the perfect patch to go over the existing (incorrect) embroidery. 😎

  1. Don't forget to measure! Carefully measure the existing embroidery before placing an order. 
  2. You want your new patch design to fit perfectly over the mistake on the garment, so take some time to decide on what look you're going for. 
  3. Be selective with the type of patch. Here at IDProductsource, we have numerous options to upcycle that garment. From faux leather to PVC patches, the possibilities are endless!