IDProductsource Integrates with PromoStandards

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In the dynamic world of e-commerce and product data feeding between systems is crucial, staying ahead of the curve is essential for businesses looking to thrive. Today, we are excited to announce IDProductsource’ integration with PromoStandards! This strategic alliance promises to revolutionize the way distributors and suppliers manage their product data, streamline their operations, and enhance overall efficiency.

This marks a significant milestone in the evolution of supply chain management. This collaboration enables businesses to harness the power of three most popular Distributor platforms, creating a unified ecosystem that simplifies processes and enhances overall productivity.


PromoStandards is a widely recognized set of data standards specifically developed for the promotional products industry. These standards provide a common language for suppliers and distributors, enabling them to communicate efficiently and accurately. PromoStandards plays a crucial role in establishing consistency in data exchange within the industry.

Data Management

Our integration with PromoStandards will empower businesses to effortlessly manage their product data, ensuring accuracy and consistency across systems.

Streamlined Operations

Distributors can expect a significant reduction in manual processes, leading to streamlined operations and improved overall efficiency.

Real-Time Data Exchange

With our integration, real-time data exchange becomes a reality, enabling businesses to respond promptly to market changes and customer demands.

Future-Proof Solutions

As the digital commerce landscape continues to evolve, our integrated solution with PromoStandards ensures that businesses are equipped with future-proof tools to adapt and thrive in the changing market dynamics.

Enhanced Collaboration

The alliance with PromoStandards fosters enhanced collaboration between distributors and suppliers, setting a standard for effective communication within the industry.

Go Live Date:

We are actively preparing our data for launch, we intend to go live with PromoStandards Q1 or Q2 2024.

Live In-Production API Endpoints:

Our API endpoints are hosted with Distributor Central’s OneSource, all data will be validated and then fed into the PromoStandards database.