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The Power of a Plastic Card

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Why Plastic Cards?

Plastic cards are a HUGE part of our everyday lives! They help us make purchases,

oftentimes they help identify us or who we represent, and they even open doors for us!

Plastic cards give us access to the world today!

They are the perfect solution for:


Loyalty members

ID Cards

Gift Cards

and so much more!

You might already know how AMAZING plastic cards are, but did you know that you could take it further and include


Before we continue, let’s break down what VARIABLE DATA is!

Variable Data is information that is unique to each card.

Here at IDProductsource, our Plastic Cards or key tags can be printed with different:

  • Member Names *
  • Barcodes *
  • PIN Numbers *
  • Sequential or Random Numbers *
  • QR Codes *
  • Other Information That Should Differ From Card To Card *
Above are some of our beautiful plastic cards! Please note that ALL Variable Data is printed in BLACK ink.

So, where does VARIABLE DATA appear on a Plastic Card or key tag?

The placement of variable printed data on plastic cards and key tags depends on a few factors,

including the graphic design of your cards and the type of variable data you would like to include.

Here at IDProductsource, we can print this data on the front, the back, or both sides.

It’s all about what works best given your company’s and users’ unique needs.

And, before your cards go into production…

you’ll receive a proof so you may have the chance to make changes before paying for your full order!


( you’ll just love it when you see the proof and want them sent out QUICK 😎 ).

As your favorite supplier,

we have plenty of options

for your Plastic Card and Key Tag needs!

~ Plastic Card Carriers ~

These are perfect for the holiday season!

With a wide selection of sleeves, your clients have several display options; stacked, hanging, and standing up.

Pictured is our popular C-7124 style of card carrier.

~ Plastic Key Tags ~

Distributors! These Key Tags are sure to be a winner with your clients!

These are printed on premium PVC plastic in beautiful full color! These are also a perfect fit for your keyring!

Consider Plastic Key Tags for rewards programs too!

~ Plastic Card with Key Tag ~

Need plastic cards and matching key tags???

SAY NO MORE, WE HAVE YOU COVERED! Our Plastic Card and Key Tag will be a winner with your clients!

Printed on premium PVC plastic and in beautiful full color the design possibilities are endless. These are perfect for membership cards, loyalty cards, ID cards and so much more!

~ Plastic Card with Key Tag & Magstripe ~

Printed on premium PVC plastic in beautiful full color, this card and key tag combo are versatile and functional products for everyone. Just snap and swipe for limitless possibilities that can be applied to any market!

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