Silicone Wristbands Have a History?! 😮

Believe it or not, silicone wristbands have been around since the ’80s and ’90s!

From fashion statements to movements and more!

Silicone wristbands have been through it all and are here to stay.

Where do we start?

The world would forever change in 1930…

A chemist called J.F. Hyde invented a type of elastomer that we all know as


The world couldn’t have enough of it! The fabulous versatility allowed us to have a DURABLE material that could be made sticky or smooth.

Even better, it’s also RESISTANT to bacteria!

(Could Hyde see the future??? Just asking for a friend lol)

Music & Fashion

Prior to silicone bands expressing support for causes, they were simply fashion accessories. 

Back in the 80’s they were referred to as gel bands and majorly popularized by artists like Madonna! 

(Their appearance have evolved from a thin band to the wider ones we see today!)

Movements & More!

Who can forget the time when YELLOW silicone bands adorned on


In the early 2000s, cyclist, Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong brand grew massively popular…

After being diagnosed with testicular cancer, the cyclist was able to undergo treatment and recover before winning the Tour de France.

The yellow silicone bands were launched as a fundraising item and even led to collaborations with other fundraisers and even Nike!

The LIVESTRONG movement did scandalously fade away, however, it didn’t stop there!

This new major trend resulted in non-profits being quick to create their own silicone wristbands to raise awareness and money!


These durable, infinitely customizable silicone wristbands are being purchased and used by ALL types of industries:









The list goes on and on!

These promos can even be ordered in different sizes!

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